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Resort Cams features two types of cameras…live streaming cams and static image cams that update every few seconds.

Generally, most people do not have any issues with the static image cams.

However, it is possible to use Internet Explorer 10 and up to view the streaming cams.

Microsoft by default has enabled a setting in Internet Explorer that disables streaming for our live cams. Live streaming cameras generally work without any issues on newer versions of Android (4.1 and up).

But Wolf says she never saw the light on her laptop go on.When ballots are delivered to King County Elections, the signature on each envelope is scanned by our mail sorting machines and sent electronically to the signature verification team.Once the signatures have been reviewed and accepted, we prepare envelopes for the opening process by cutting the top of the envelope for easier ballot extraction.See how ballots are processed by watching our live election cams. Sorting, opening, and scanning ballots do not happen every day or at all hours of the day.If we are not currently processing ballots, our virtual tour video will give you an idea of what we do.

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Ballots with signature issues are held in secure storage and cannot move forward until the signature is verified. Sorting does not happen every day, or at all hours.