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When in London, Rupert Everett eats the same lunch at the same Italian restaurant every day; a plate of whole-wheat pasta with tomato sauce, broccoli, garlic and mint, plus a mixed salad with green beans on the side.

Not available on the menu, it is something he has concocted, and it is notably nutritious and well balanced, which are not always things you can say about Rupert himself.

But despite this, you still won’t see what’s coming as it finishes with a surprise cliffhanger.

Given how many times Emily Watson has been tortured on screen as the star of several movies from director Lars Von Trier, I shudder to think what could come next for the poor woman.

However, it seems they have been together for several weeks, after being introduced by one of his sisters and his niece.

Their date at Twickenham will serve as a gentle coming out into public view in the UK and follows another in New York when they watched the musical Hamilton (about one of America’s founding fathers).

Nowadays, the Sunday movie has all but disappeared but Aunty, mindful of the huge ratings it gets for its British dramas all weekend, has decided to premiere a new British movie in this timeslot.They have also apparently been spending time together in California.She likes younger men — such as previous boyfriends George Waud (a film producer) and banker-about-town Tim Attias.It is not exactly the sharpest political move, to highlight any sort of link, in the midst of a presidential campaign. In fact, Deng is reportedly responsible for re-uniting Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, who broke up in 2008 when their religious differences caused them to split.A new profile of the couple relays how Deng invited Jared for a weekend on the Murdoch family yacht. Come with Rupert and me on the boat for the weekend,” she said.

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But because Foxtel originally held the TV rights in Australia, its new streaming service Foxtel Now has also made all of these new episodes available as a marathon. Season five takes place over just three days, as the inmates riot and take over Litchfield prison.

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