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As such, their ideas are often difficult to communicate.

The all-too-common danger that most couples fall into is that problems are created where they don’t really exist.I had many of these people take the mbti test afterwards to check my accuracy.This is quite accurate, although not being a T, I didn’t bother to find out the exact accuracy :p I just cared that it works lol The Quick Test: When you meet someone new, ask them how their week went.While the spectrum associated with this pair gives an overall idea of how individuals take in information, it is also intrinsically linked to other aspects of peoples’ personalities, such as communication styles, career decisions, and more.The differences that occur across the Myers-Briggs® Sensing-Intuition spectrum may not be the most detrimental to relationships, but they are definitely important to recognize and work towards coming to an understanding over—especially if an individual’s preference one way or another affects how communication occurs in a relationship.

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Then, when you are done, turn the topic to something abstract.