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Charity wakefield dating

Eastry was part of a Gilbert Union formed under Gilbert's Act of 1782 which provided a variety of powers including the operation of a workhouse for the elderly, infirm and children.

The Union erected a workhouse at the south side of Mill Lane in Eastry. Eastry main boiler dating from 1920s, manufactured by Meldrums Ltd, Timperley. The workhouse's later layout is shown on the 1905 OS map. The first two floors of the main ward block within the quadrangle were known as Lower House and Upper House.

The former workhouse survives as Street Farm House. These were joined on 6th April 1836 by: Deal (2 Guardians), Sandwich St Clement's (1), Sandwich St Mary's (1), Sandwich St Peter's (1). A chapel was built close to the road immediately to the north of the workhouse. The hospital has now closed and the site is being redeveloped.

I must say from my time at the National Archives (when he occupied a more lowly position) I always got on well with him and he was invited to my retirement do in London.

[Up to 1834] [After 1834] [Staff] [Inmates] [Records] [Bibliography] [Links] A parliamentary report of 1777 recorded parish workhouses in operation at Deal (with accommodation for up to 115 inmates), Sandwich St Mary (36), Sandwich St Peter the Apostle (24), Sandwich St Clement (30), Ripple (4), and Wingham (15).

Ripple had a workhouse from 1628 when two cottages were erected for the purpose on land given by John Gookin of Ripple Court.

Many ex-staff are here in the Norwich area, but even more are around London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol, Cardiff, Newcastle and of course Belfast.

Personally, Belfast holds special significance, as my late father was born there in 1905.

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