Validating french rail tickets

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No trains appear in the search results or only 1 or 2 trains at odd times of day. "The travel solution has at least a segment not purchasable." Reason: All or part of your journey is on a regional train.Reason: Data isn't fully loaded yet for that date, either because you're looking at a date more than 120 days ahead, or at a date after the twice-annual timetable change, on the 2nd Sunday in June and the 2nd Sunday in December, when they are always late loading the data and the 120 days often slips to 60 day or even less. Tickets for regional trains can only be bought 7 days or less ahead, and fares only show up for dates in the next 7 days.Reason: Part of the journey is on a Regional train.Solution: Either just book the high-speed part of the journey and leave the regional ticket until you get to Italy, or simply try as it doesn't have this problem.Places off the rail network: Corsica, Mont St Michel... You can buy tickets at these self-service machines.

Further problem: There isn't a 'Non Registered User' option!

Rail passes are pretty straightforward but come with a lot of fine print (worth reading).

It's important to understand at least the basics before your first day of train travel. You must officially activate your rail pass, in person at a European train station, for it to be valid for train travel (the rare exceptions: the single-country Swiss Travel Pass, and the Central Europe Triangle Pass, which come pre-validated with your chosen start date).

Traveling by train is the quintessential method for touring Europe and rightfully so. Trains in Europe are not perfect, but many people consider them the best way to travel.

The rail network is extremely developed and train service is very reliable (unless there are strikes).

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There's no check-in, you simply walk straight from the city centre onto the station concourse, glance at the indicator board to find your train & hop on, any time before departure...