Dating a thug

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Dating a thug

Ole girl did not take kindly to the news and quickly addressed her anger in a very public social media breakup.

A thug who was jailed for beating up his girlfriend after meeting her on a popular dating app was still using the site to try and date more women during his trial, it has been revealed.

Jason Reid, 39, met his 38-year-old girlfriend on the Bumble app and has been locked up for six months after attacking her twice.

A court heard he smashed up his girlfriend's mobile phone and wrecked her home before leaving her 'covered head-to-toe in bruises', reports The Sun Online.

It has even been institutionalized- reinforced by mainstream institutions (The Grammys, by the Academy Awards, major movies, Politicians, the NAACP, professional sports, major magazines, etc etc etc).

I apologize for his behavior," she said in a post Tuesday.

"Rest assured he is intelligent enough for the highest public office, unfortunately, he doesn't have the finesse of Lady Diana.

He recently rode around on a horse in ATL to get the word out about his HY!

You have probably seen them- the nice looking, decent young women at the grocery store or at the movies holding hands with a “bad boy”, or thug.

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Magistrates in Stratford, east London, described the attack in nearby Stoke Newington and abuse she suffered as being the 'worst they have ever seen'.

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