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If Excel is installed on your computer, you can use Excel Services to publish a workbook on a Share Point site.Then, you can share the workbook across your enterprise, and control access by using site permissions.If you have a helpful tip, or can translate this into another language, please contribute!Tor Hidden Services are being renamed because “Hidden Service” didn’t accurately describe what was possibile, so the name is being broadened to be “Onion Services”, in this guide we will use the new name.You can make sure that only trusted authors can change the workbook.If you want to use all or part of the workbook on a dashboard or other site page, you can connect the workbook to an Excel Web Access Web Part.For information on configuring onion services, please read the Tor Project’s guide It is not enough to simply install tor and configure your onion service and then forget about it.

Do not run a relay and an onion service on the same instance.We recommend associating your Booking page with one or more Event types.Using Event types allows for a uniform and efficient setup for all accounts, multi-User scenarios using Pooled availability, and more.Workbook data is secure, whether the data is stored with the workbook or comes from an external source such as a database.With Excel Services, you can maintain just one copy of an important workbook, instead of trying to manage many copies on many different computers.

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Having a relay and an onion service on same IP and/or machine helps traffic correlation and fingerprinting.