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Some men act like they can’t imagine struggling with women, and pretend to be incredulous, as if they have it all figured out.But the reality is most men are bad with women, in the sense that they have little to no control over this part of their lives.The concept of a dating coach for men may seem strange to you.When people ask me what I do and I say “I’m a dating coach for men” I sometimes get strange reactions.We are a great fit for the single person who wants to be prepared for love and have better dates. Or maybe a better experience of yourself when dating?Our primary goal is to set you up to know yourself, your values and your mindset around dating.A dating coach takes into account your needs and goals for your love life.

That means we walk (or run you, depending on your pace) you through the initial phases of getting your state of mind, expectations, attitudes and style ready to date. You Can have a wonderful, loving, real relationship…with effort.

“Before I started working with Kyle, my experience of relationships with men was mostly negative and destructive and I felt more and more like I would end up alone because of the barriers I had put up over time.

Through the work I have done with Kyle, I am now more confident and self-assured.

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If you think this programme could be right for you and you’re considering making an investment in attracting your ideal relationship partner – then we’d love to talk with you.